Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that the news has been featuring stories on businesses in trouble… companies that have been around for years! We have watched the many manufacturers and retailers go through mergers or acquisitions, or simply go away forever. The alarming rate of businesses dissolving is not just upsetting during a recession, but upsetting in terms of nostalgia for some and for others, the idea of a chapter ending, and not just Chapter 11.

While I won’t ramble on and list all the names of the businesses which have gone belly-up (it would be a 25 page blog), I will say that this whole recession has been very eye-opening. Not only is the public very much aware of the flaws within the system, but also the corporate greed, the mishandled funds, the lack of standard operating procedures of businesses gone bad, or at least a few key employees who became greedy sheep. And the public is also aware that a few really good companies became victims due to another epiphany consumers had… we don’t need so much ‘stuff.’

As George Carlin (R.I.P.) floats on a cloud in the Heavens reciting his whole ‘stuff’ schtick routine about how Americans have too much STUFF and need to buy more stuff to hold all our stuff, it is a true reality check to see in broad daylight, isn’t it?

Think about the fact that reality shows about ‘hoarders’ and people who need a ‘clean sweep’ actually exist because of the fact people have too much stuff. Isn’t this a reality check as well?

How about the fact most people have garages filled top to bottom, or that people have multiple ‘storage units’ of ‘things’ …. that they cannot take with them to the grave.

After watching numerous natural disasters happen over the past decade – hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, fires, earthquakes… people losing ‘all their stuff’ …. Is it any wonder that when all is said and done, and all you have is your own life, that your being alive is what matters most? Did you really NEED all that ‘stuff?’ Does this not make you appreciate life and your loved ones even more?

While we may not have as many retailers anymore, maybe the true wakeup call in life is to live simply, with as little as possible. Maybe this is part of the master plan so-to-speak, so people can appreciate what they do have and live life in a better, more productive, more appreciative way. Perhaps (I know, dare to dream) we can return to the basic essentials, solid core values and maybe change the way life is lived and humble a few people along the way.

Though you may think this is an illusion of grandeur, in essence I think it’s supposed to be a life lesson. But if only, the people who really need to learn it, will pay attention in class this time.

I don’t know. But there’s always hope. And though we may not be shopping for hope by entering an automatic revolving door, under fluorescent lighting, or in segmented departments… maybe consumers as a culture, as a generation can look at life and live it a little differently.

There is an opportunity here to ride this recession out and catch the new wave of NOT “shopping til we drop.” It’s time to realize that ‘he with the most toys’ does NOT win, but rather will lose all perspective on what life is really about. Maybe THAT special should be on the news! SPENDING TIME enjoying life and its true meaning with the ones you love is more profitable than spending dollars on more ‘stuff.’

~Queena Verbosity~
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