Friday, September 4, 2009


When we go to the grocery store, our bar coded items get scanned and a beep sounds when each item passes by the scanner. Bran FLAKES….. beep. Case of NUTS….. beep. TV Guide featuring all of this Fall’s best DRAMAS…beep. And the gallon of milk that will MILK every penny you have…. Beep.

No, I’m not talking groceries. I’m talking people… more notably, the Friend of Convenience that happens to be like a convenience store near you! This ‘friend’ is conveniently there begging you to buy into the lottery ticket of something tossed around lightly by them, called “friendship.”

When you were younger, you probably enjoyed shopping. And as you get older (ahem) and wiser, you realize you really hate shopping. It’s almost annoying. You try to blame it on the idea you don’t want to deal with the parking or the monotony of going up and down the aisle smiling like a Stepford wife or husband trying to feign delight in shopping (again) with your cart. But the truth is, the ‘idea’ of being obligated to do something that ‘just has to be done’ is what is truly plaguing you, because this is what life is all about.

Isn’t FRIENDship supposed to be a mutually enjoyable experience for BOTH people?? Why carry on in having to ‘pretend’ again and again that something is so very enjoyable, when there is really no benefit of ‘joy’ for you in the long run? Come on, I mean when you have a new recipe to try, you can get excited about going grocery shopping… so why do you have to deal with drama, selfish and disrespectful friends who only use and abuse you and your kindness and support? You know they will only leave your cart empty without so much as even a thank you or a coupon invitation to the ‘good times’ and fun in their lives? They’ll just forget about you until their next drama or need, but never think of you to share in the positive aspects of friendship.

Friends come and go in your life. And that’s just the truth. But when you reach a certain age, you realize that there are those friends that come out of the woodwork only ‘whenever they want something….’

Maybe they are looking for work or money or just want to vomit their emotional drama to a sounding board because no one else will listen. But then when it is YOUR turn, they are (ha! – conveniently) nowhere to be found. Sometimes around birthdays (theirs) or holidays, they are the ones who “suddenly want to get in touch,” even though all your life’s happenings have come and gone and they didn’t even bother to blink an eye of knowing.

While most people get philosophical and say….’that’s just how it is,’ – I say, WTF?! Are you kidding me? ! Seriously, who needs this crap? It’s like getting picked last for dodgeball and then you get the s**t beaten out of you anyway.

Why is this cyclical behavior accepted by so many? Are we humans THAT desperate to be doormats in a world full of people who are that self-involved and oblivious to the fact that there is more to life than just them? Are we ending up being a friend of convenience to the ultimate friend of convenience?

Think about that and get back to me. But I think it’s time we forget the so-called friends that look good on paper and are only plastic and fake and put them on the reject shelf in the grocery store of life. Maybe then they’ll BEEP BEEP BEEP out of our way so we can make room for some organic, fresh, new friends who produce healthier friendships.

~Queena Verbosity~

© 2009 Queena Verbosity 100% Real Words

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